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Choosing the Right Real Estate Broker for You! Part 1 - Buying a Place

by DG Advisors GroupSeptember 06, 2019

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Buying your first place, second place or even fifth place can be a daunting task! Your busy with life, work, family, etc. We all know and get it. This is another stressful piece into the puzzle that doesn’t happen often and can throw a wrench into your already busy schedule. Even though sometimes it might be easiest to pick a friend or family member to help you with your real estate needs, DON’T! You heard that right. Take time to interview brokers, and YES, even for buying a property. As brokers, we aren’t there to just open doors and be a chauffeur. We are there to consult you and help you narrow down the property that fits your lifestyle and will make you happier!

Take these steps to ensure your home-buying process is taken to the next level!

    • Take time to ask friends, family and co-workers for referrals.
    • Meet with 2 or 3 brokers, see if their vibe matches yours. After all, you will be spending a lot of time with this person over the course of your search!
    • Ask them questions about how they approach the home-buying process with all of their clients

ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS…..Is this an independent broker? Is (S)He a part of a team?

WHY YOU ASK? Because you always want someone there to help you out 24/7. Let’s face it, REAL ESTATE IS PLAYED AROUND THE CLOCK. Timing is VERY important in real estate. ONE DAY TOO LATE and you can miss out on a place. Does the broker you work with have a partner or agents on the team that can cover while they are on vacation or out of office? (YES, BROKERS HAVE LIVES TOO WITH FAMILIES AND LIKE TO HAVE FUN SOMETIMES!)

      • Timeline
      • Area(neighborhood) of expertise
      • Recent sales
      • Are they a top agent/broker in the areas you are looking? Are they a part of the Top Agent Network (TAN)?
      • Do they have referrals on industry partners? Mortgage lenders, attorneys, inspectors, handyman, etc. This is VERY IMPORTANT! You want a broker who is plugged in and has a team that can help and will make you a priority on their transactions
      • Ask for REFERENCES and do your research. Look up their reviews, IF THEY HAVE ANY
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This is a big deal people! Your purchasing an investment into your life and future. Could be just for you, could be for you and your spouse, or could be for you and your family! Either way, BE SMART AND DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE. This should be a happy time in your life and TRUST ME, if you take the time and follow the above steps, you will find THE RIGHT BROKER THAT WILL MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE SEAMLESS!

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