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Choosing the Right Real Estate Broker for You! Part 2 - Selling Your Property

by DG Advisors GroupSeptember 27, 2019

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Here we go again! You have been in your wonderful property that your broker put you in and now it is time to sell. Who should I call? Do I even remember the broker that helped me with this purchase? Have they stayed in contact with me at all? If you answered yes to the previous 2 questions, give that broker a call and let him/her interview for the job! If not, start asking around your neighborhood. Call off some for sale signs, ask friends, family and co-workers for some referrals. Just like buying a place, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS INTERVIEW SEVERAL BROKERS TO LIST YOUR HOME!

Ask these questions to ensure your home-sale process is taken to the next level!

Even more important than buying is listing a property with a REAL ESTATE TEAM! Here is why:

      • Showing requests come in at all hours of the day… you always want someone available to show your property. That ONE person that couldn’t get in because you are working with a single agent is the buyer that bought somewhere else because they checked out an open house or another showing was accommodated when yours couldn’t be. DON’T BE THAT PERSON THAT MISSES OUT!
      • Does the broker setup a lock box for buyer’s agents to show or does the broker show the property? If the broker answers that he/she setups a lock box and doesn’t show the property RUN! RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Why am I being so dramatic you ask? This is the whole point of sales, someone should always be at showings describing the property in the best light, providing the most optimal traffic pattern throughout the home showing experience and overcoming any objections that could arise. A lot of questions take place at the showing and if the broker doesn’t have the answer, the buyer’s interests start fading. Your broker should be equipped with all of the knowledge that you as a seller has. GIVE US THE AMMO AND WE WILL FIRE IT OUT WITH PRECISION TO THE BUYER.
        • What differentiates that real estate team from another?
          • What is the pricing strategy?
          • What is their marketing package? (IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT PHOTOS!)
          • What is their showing process?
          • Do they provide feedback? How often and when? Are they overcoming the objections properly?
          • Is this real estate a top team? High producers have great networks in the real estate industry and can help get a deal done off-market leveraging their relationships for top dollar.
          • Who is on the team? What is the dynamic? Are they versatile?
            • This is important in some markets with foreign languages so know who you are hiring!
          • What’s their tagline? What is their 60-second elevator pitch? If they don’t have one, they probably don’t care too much about their business!

Do your homework and work with a professional TEAM! Make sure they can help you reach your REALISTIC goals! And whatever you do, do not work with a discount broker just because they can cut their commission/fee. If they can’t negotiate their fee upfront (Chicago market about 5-6%), what does that say about their negotiation skills on YOUR SALE. Be wise, be aware, and ASK QUESTIONS!

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